How lovely to see you visit my page.

My mission and goal is to help people overcome their trauma and fear in order to develop into the person they’re meant to be. Complete with serenity, optimism and gratitude. 

Believe me, it is possible.

Thought the years I’ve helped hundreds of people to break free from trauma, fear and negative past experiences.

Every human is unique. It’s therefore important to individually adapt the tools so I can best assist you. It is similar to peeling an onion, layer by layer.

Trauma affects us in different ways. But the end goal is more or less the same. – Harmony in body and mind, serenity, forgiveness and love. Including self-love.

I work with people all over the world. This is possible because energy is boundless, unaffected by time and space.

Energy is boundless, unaffected by time and space. Which is why I am able to work with people all over the world.

My name is Nina, I’m a certified psychic medium based in Norway, but my work extends all over the world. I have an academic background in nursing, with a speciality in management and surgery.

My academic background is nursing, with a speciality in management and surgery.

Healing has been a part of me my whole life. But I’ve had a desire to gain more knowledge and inspiration, and have therefore studied and acquired an education within REIKI. Over the years I’ve worked with trance development, which I mainly implement within healing. In other words, I’m a spiritual trance-healer. (Detailed under the ‘healing’ tab)

In addition to being a registered approved healer, I’m also a certified medium. I attained my education in Karlstad, Sweden, certified by Mia Ottosson. Supplementary to Mia, I’ve studied under various English teachers in both Karlstad and at Arthur Findley College in England. To mention a few; Simone Key, Colin Bates, Val Williams, Brenda Lawrence and Paul Jacobs.

I believe in life after death, as a medium I am communicator that life on the other side does exist.

I’m a strong believer in personal responsibility, I will not blame others for my own wrongdoings. I have to be responsible for my own character faults and be willing to change the cause of destruction. I can’t force others to change, but I can evolve myself to become a better version.

If you’re seeking a life coach I’d be able to assist and guide you. This is detailed under its designated tab.

Privately, I reside in Sunbyfoss, Norway. After 40 years in Oslo it feels great to relocate to the countryside. I have a daughter who lives in London, and I make some occasional trips over there.

In addition to my professional work, I’ve got a passion for photography and painting. – Acrylic on canvas and encaustic wax, where I paint with wax and iron. You can read more under ‘art’.

I’m a member of DNH (The Norwegian Healing Society).

Yesterday is passed

Tomorrow has yet to arrive

Today is all you have

Do something good for yourself and other today, and tomorrow you’ll reap the fruits of your labour // and you’ll reap the fruits tomorrow


Feel free to get in contact, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.