Welcome to my art page.

Art is a wonderful form of expression. I paint intuitive pictures, and was well into adulthood before I was ready to express myself through art.

When painting I enter a meditative state where time and place becomes non-existent. I just am. Therefore every picture represents my soul.

When someones asks which picture they should choose, I always say “the one you feel in your gut”. Some pictures influence us more than others, the picture must speak to you. We all have a gut feeling, and if we follow it it’ll always make the right decision. This applies to all things in life, which I’ve detailed under other tabs.

I paint with acrylic and encaustic. I also offer photographs.

Encaustic Art originates from the early middle ages and consists of pigmented beeswax and resin, which melts at 60 degrees celsius. The art is created with a smesial iron, heat gun, blowdryer or hotplate on a special sheet that’s coated on both sides.

NB! Its important to ensure the pictures are placed within a paseparout and not directly onto the glass frame. This is so the wax won’t transfer and damage the picture.

All of my pictures and photographs are available for purchase. The pictures vary in size and shipping is additional.

Visit  https://artportable.com/en/profile/@ninatorp