The definition of healing is to overcome (an undesirable condition), restore health, and become whole (Merriam-Webster)

Healing is a traditional and holistic interpersonal approach, where ‘touch’, energy, prayer or similar spiritual methods aim to improve ones life quality, – physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Healing is a natural ability, which can be advanced and strengthened. 

Over the years I’ve worked as a spiritual healer and trance healer. A powerful technique where I connect with my spiritual helpers and healing guide in order to help you on a deeper level. To simply put it, I’m a channel for universal energy.

Healing is centred around energy, and energy spans across time and space. In other words: if you’re on the table in front of me or on the other side of the world, healing is equally effective. I have a proven track record with clients nationally and internationally who positively benefit from remote healing. An unbalance in the energy system will cause ailment. Like wise, a harmonious and balances energy system result in a healthy body and mind. From personal experience I know that when my back aches there’s is an unbalance in my energy system.

I’m experienced in REIKI, a Japanese energy healing technique powered through symbols and a gentle touch. Today I no longer have the need to draw on REIKI symbols to guide my work.

I don’t make a diagnosis, and I can’t promise a miracle cure. But my finest publicity comes from everyone who has given feedback that they’ve recovered and/or have a better quality of life.

“The healing life force is rooted in love, intelligence, truth and knowledge. The spiritual conciseness or unconscious dimensions, is considered to be a natural and integral part of life’s existence” (DNH)

“Bevissthetens åndelige eller ikke bevissthetens dimensjon anses som naturlig og integrert del av livets eksistens. (DNH)”