I’ve gained my certificate in through Dr. Marco Paret (http://www.marcoparet.com)

Mesmerism is a non-verbal hypnosis and the predecessor to the form of hypnosis we know today. This technique was founded Franz Anton Mesmer in the 1700’s. It has later been further developed and advanced.

Regression means going back in time. It could be in this life or in a previous one. What’s interesting is if the vision presents itself in a different time, the feeling appear the same as the one we’re struggling with today.

Mesmerism, hypnosis and regression can help heal trauma, fear, certain types of pain and certain addictions, such as smoking or food.

My goal is to help people become liberated from trauma, fear and negative past experiences, in order become the person they’re meant to be. Filled with serenity, optimism and gratitude. Trauma looks different from person to person, therefore it’s important to individually adapt each approach. Sometimes it’s like peeling an onion, layer by layer. While trauma is experienced differently, the resolution is more or less the same: Harmony in body and mind, serenity, forgiveness and love, including self-love.